Grant: 3D Computer

Watch Them Sprout! I wrote 6 grants in 2016, and I will be sharing each grant with you in entirety. Please peruse the grant below and feel free to adapt any information that you may find useful.

Watch Them Sprout

Brief Project Summary 

Sprout will reinvent the way we teach and learn through the power of creativity and immersive computing. Today’s students need to build relevant ways of thinking and working which will prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. In response to a changing world, teaching and learning have come to emphasize the importance of problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. Sprout is a new kind of all-in-one computer that enables users to work together, explore together, solve problems together, and reinvent together, inspiring the creativity and communication needed to make, design, and customize the world around them.

Purpose (statement of what grant project will do and accomplish) 

Critical thinking and problem solving skills are invaluable to our students. In the future, our current students will enter into a world and workforce where they will be asked to solve real-world problems with innovative solutions. By integrating a dedicated Sprout Makerspace into our school, we can support and expand opportunities for hands-on experimentation and learning for student assigned academic projects as well as personal creativity/inquiry.

SMART Objective (list the goals you intend to accomplish with this project and how you will measure these objectives to determine the impact of the project)

Students will have the ability to enhance their projects/presentations with the use of innovative tools.  Workshops will be offered to students before school, during lunch, and after school to demonstrate how to the use Sprout Makerspace and all it has to offer.  The makerspace will be available to students on a first-come, first-served reservation basis to work on projects and available for “creative play” when not reserved.

Project Description (specifically, how will your project improve, advance or enrich student learning? How does this project support the district’s mission and/or your campus plan? Include research as support for why you want to implement this project. Be sure to include strategies to achieve the goals and objectives listed and research to support why you choose to use this plan of action over another)

This grant project requests a Sprout Pro, a Sprout, 3D Capture Stage, and Dremel 3D Printer to complete a dedicated Sprout Makerspace.

With Sprout technologies, Martinez and Stager’s Think, Make, and Improve design model can easily be utilized by our students. This model encourages flexibility, collaboration, and reflection while still propelling students forward in their projects.

THINK: students will begin by thinking through the problem, project, or challenge that they have been presented. This incorporates many pre-planning activities that teachers commonly ask of students – brainstorming, predicting, designing, researching, etc.

MAKE: Students then put their thinking into making. Depending on what their project is, this is the heart of their work and the practical and exploratory application of their ideas generated during the first stage.

IMPROVE: students will constantly be analyzing their product or project as they are making and other students might come up with ways to improve on the original designs. Will students decide to fix their product if it’s not working properly or when they are all “done” will they decide to make it better? In this way, they will circle back to thinking about these improvements and the project evolves or shifts.

Campus Improvement Plan

GOAL 6: Expand the use of technology.

OBJECTIVE 1: Enhance the understanding and use of technology.

STRATEGY 4: Increase technology hardware and software needs for state-required technology application courses and to reflect industry standards.

National Educational Technology Standards for Students: creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts.

Project Evaluation (explain how you will measure the success of this project. How do you plan to share the results with your campus, district and Education Foundation?)

A sign-in sheet will be kept to monitor students using the Sprout Makerspace. Students who use the space to enhance their projects will be given a survey to evaluate the tools available in the makerspace. Teachers will also be surveyed to evaluate the quality of the projects/presentations done by students.

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