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Rocketbook Color! I wrote 3 grants in 2019, and I will be sharing each grant with you in entirety. Please peruse the grant below and feel free to adapt any information that you may find useful.

Rocketbook Color

Brief Project Summary 

We want our students to utilize the district technology tool OneNote in our math classes. Have you tried to type a formula? It is not pretty! And typing answers to show your work to a math problem is cumbersome, time-consuming, and downright impossible! We do not have iPads or tablets to allow students to digitally ink their handwriting into OneNote. We need the next best thing, Rocketbook Color, in order for our students to digitize their work in order to use other OneNote features to enhance learning in math.

Purpose (statement of what grant project will do and accomplish) 

One of our district technology initiatives is student use of Microsoft Office 365 in creative and collaborative ways to support learning. OneNote, an application in Office 365, allows students to assemble information in a variety of ways including text, images, graphs, spreadsheets, audio files, and video. It provides a structure for the organization of assignments, supports multi-user collaboration, and is suitable for taking handwritten notes using a stylus on a tablet. These features make OneNote practical and beneficial for use in mathematics education.

Mathematics is a language. It has its own syntax, grammar, and vocabulary. The language of math is represented by a diverse array of symbols, diagrams, and characters. Using OneNote with a stylus on a tablet helps students deal with the intricacies of mathematical language by simply handwriting it rather than pressing a complex sequence of keys on a keyboard.

However, we do not have iPads or tablets for student use at the high school level.

This grant request is for a new innovation called Rocketbook Color. Rocketbooks are reusable notebooks that integrate technology. These notebooks allow students to handwrite their math problems and solutions and then scan and upload their work into OneNote using the Rocketbook smartphone app. Once the work is in OneNote, students are able to continually add to their work with text, speech, and multimedia clips. Students can also collaborate with other students in the class, and submit their assignments to the teacher. The Rocketbook Color edition can be written in with dry erase markers so that work can be wiped clean in a matter of seconds making the class set of notebooks ready for the next class.

Without the funding for Rocketbooks, our math students will not be able to use OneNote to complete creative and collaborative math assignments as we do not have iPads or tablets for student use.

SMART Objective (list the goals you intend to accomplish with this project and how you will measure these objectives to determine the impact of the project)

Increase critical thinking, engagement, and retention.

SMART Objectives to meet Goals:

1. By the end of the Semester A, 100% of students will complete a OneNote assignment portfolio of handwritten math solutions with accompanying multimedia demonstrating their understanding of complex math concepts.

1a. 80% of math students will score 75% or higher on their portfolios.

2. By the end of the Semester B, 100% of students will complete a OneNote assignment portfolio of handwritten math solutions with accompanying multimedia demonstrating their understanding of complex math concepts.

2b. 80% of math students will score 80% or higher on their portfolios.

Project Description (specifically, how will your project improve, advance or enrich student learning? How does this project support the district’s mission and/or your campus plan? Include research as support for why you want to implement this project. Be sure to include strategies to achieve the goals and objectives listed and research to support why you choose to use this plan of action over another)

In math, it is necessary for students to show their work. This is hard for students to do on a computer that does not have touchscreen/tablet functionality. Giving students the ability to produce handwritten work in Microsoft OneNote via Rocketbook Color allows students to then interact with their work by electronically adding text, images, graphs, spreadsheets, audio files, and/or video. According to research, a large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing. Using multimedia alongside text stimulates the brain leading to deeper understanding. Student attention and retention increases, and learning is significantly enhanced.

Teachers are able to support students through the learning process with Microsoft OneNote. OneNote gives teachers the opportunity to view students’ work in real time and quickly provide support directly on the student’s page. For example, a teacher might support a student by inserting the steps on the page next to an equation that a student is struggling to solve. All of this can happen without the student feeling embarrassed for needing extra help. Learning is significantly enhanced with differentiated support and feedback to students. Students would be unable to show their work in OneNote without the use of the Rocketbook Color.

Students can also work collaboratively in Microsoft OneNote. But again, for math, students must be able to show their work and thought process. It is very hard for students to explain mathematical concepts with one another without writing. Rocketbook Color is needed.

All of this is important in today’s 21st century classrooms as we are preparing students for a future where higher-level thinking, problem solving, and collaborative skills will be required. This aligns with our district mission of “preparing students to perform at the highest potential” and our district vision that we will graduate students who are “complex thinkers and problem solvers.”

Project Evaluation (explain how you will measure the success of this project. How do you plan to share the results with your campus, district and Education Foundation?)

The success of this project will be measured by:

1. completion of assignments and portfolio

2. proficiency of assignments and portfolio

3. surveying students on the ease of use of the Rocketbook Color with OneNote

4. student reflections on how the use of multimedia with their handwritten work helps their understanding

These results will be shared with the campus math department, district C&I Specialist, and Education Foundation.

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